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Period : 2018-01-31 ~ limited quantity

Provide moisture hair care to treat static electricity that stings!

Hair oil steam before shampoo

Before shampoo, apply hair oil or a hair pack evenly and wrap your hair with a warm steamed towel for 10 minutes for the nutrients to penetrate deeply.

Use a weak acid shampoo

When the scalp is slightly acidic, the natural moisturizing film is maintained. Let's use a weakly acidic shampoo to keep the natural moisturizing film to protect your hair!

Two drops of hair oil in water to rinse

After washing your hair, put one or two drops of hair oil in the water to rinse hair, then rinse your hair focusing on the hair tips. Your hair will absorb both water and oil and become moisten.

Use a hair dryer less!

Even if you use a good hair dryer for a long time, your hair become dry. Blow dry hair on the highest setting staring from scalp only shortly, then finish with a hair essence!

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