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Period : 2017-10-31 ~ 2117-12-01
What’s MLBB?
Worldwide beauty trend MLBB lip makeup has been popular~ MLBB is the abbreviation for “My Lips But Better”. It means “Natural looking lips but more beautiful than bare lips”. Dried rose color, brick red and neutral colors are representative “MLBB” colors. Let’s pick the right MLBB lip color for us~
Normally peach-colored neutral color lipsticks would look natural.
If you have pale lips, try pinkish beige color lipsticks. If you have dark lips, try dark brick color lipsticks.
22 Results
Wish Missha Glam Art Rouge [2017 F/W]
50%OFF18.239.12 USD
Wish THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet Lipstick
24%OFF9.777.42 USD
Wish CLIO Mad Matte Liquid Lips
15%OFF17.3614.76 USD
Wish Holika Holika Heartful Cream Lipstick F/W [Melting/Chiffon] (~2020)
80%OFF9.011.81 USD
Wish NATURE REPUBLIC Intensive Ink Lip Laquer
20%OFF13.0310.42 USD
Wish Banila co Lip Draw Melting Serum Stick
7.55 USD
Wish The Saem Saemmul Mousse Candy Tint (Color #06 ~ #10)
32%OFF6.514.43 USD
Wish Eglips Lively Lip Matte Season.3 (~2021~2022)
7.07 USD
Wish 16brand 16 Fingerpen 2017 F/W
10%OFF15.2013.68 USD
Wish VDL Rouge Supreme
45%OFF32.5617.91 USD
Wish Peripera Color Fit Tint Water Gel (~2020)
70%OFF8.682.61 USD
Wish The YEON Rosy Lips
5.73 USD
Wish ETUDE HOUSE Color in Liquid Lips Mousse
27%OFF10.327.53 USD
20.06 USD
23%OFF54.2741.79 USD
Wish too cool for school CHECK Creamy Blaster Tint
35%OFF10.857.05 USD
Wish Missha Silky Lasting Lip Pencil
39%OFF4.132.52 USD
Wish NATURE REPUBLIC Real Matte Lipstick
33%OFF16.2810.91 USD
Wish Holika Holika Heartful Fluid Mousse (~2020)
80%OFF9.231.84 USD
Wish Celebeau High Performance Lip Rouge (Creamy (~2020)
80%OFF19.533.91 USD

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