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Period : 2017-08-25 ~ 2117-12-31

Soothing, moisturizing and brightening care is needed for heated skin like a burning sweet potato due to the exposure to UV rays during a vacation. The sooner the better! To bring back your clear and bright skin before the vacation, Start tone up care!

TIP 1 Brightening is from the beginning
TIP 2 Use a brightening cream consistently!
TIP 2 Use a brightening cream consistently!
TIP 4 Intensive care with a mask pack once again

TIP 1.Brightening is from cleansing!
  • Try watery whitening essence good for the summer. It helps tone improvement, and skin regeneration. If you use a vitamin peeling gel with fresh texture 1~2 times a week constantly, you can remove dark old dead skin cells.
  • SKIN
  • Its
  • COS
TIP 2.Use a brightening cream consistently!
  • d'Alba
  • Gel type cream with high purity arbutin and hyaluronic acid is perfect for dry skin in summer as it’s not sticky! Tone up cream can be used as a makeup base or natural makeup.
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  • Medi
TIP 3.How to care dark groin and armpit ?
  • April
  • Milky
  • Brighten legs and arms by using a body tone up cream. It tones up smoothly with brightening, sun protection and anti-wrinkle effect! Brightening cream is recommended for pigmented areas such as elbows, knees, armpits and groin.
  • Milky
TIP 4.Intensive care with a mask pack once again
  • A.H.C
  • Medi
  • Medi
  • Sensitive skin around eyes must have been tired after a vacation! You can get cooling, moisturizing and brightening effect with a convenient gel type ‘Care zone’ eye sheet. natural fiber sheet mask pack with rich vitamin would be perfect daily pack!
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