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Baek Jong-won's Home Cooking 365 Diary

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Baek Jong-won's Home Cooking 365 Diary
▶ Publication date: November 2, 2020

▶ Page: 208 pages

▶ Size: 130*215*15mm

▶ Publisher/Author: Seoul Munhwasa/Baek Jong-won

▶ Table of Contents

All purpose soy sauce
stewed burdock
Stir-fried Octopus
Aged Jiji Jjigae

Stir-fried pollack and pollack
Radish rice
Stir-fried fern
pumpkin porridge

Chinese fried rice
Bean sprout bulgogi
Pollack egg roll
Shepherd’s purse soybean paste soup
Kimchi pancake

All purpose soybean paste
seasoned with chives
Onion Caramel Curry
seaweed soup
braised eggs

In May
roll toast
Pork Kimchi Stew
Braised kwili pepper
Fried beef rice bowl
Stir-fried bean sprouts

Acorn jelly salad
Mackerel Kimchi Jjim
Bean sprout pancake
Bibim Noodles
Anchovy soybean paste

In July
Seasoned bean sprouts
Everything about boiling chicken
Chicken Gomtang
Stir-fried kkwari pepper pork belly
Yeolradish water noodles

Tofu Sandwich
Boiled Chicken
Steamed perilla leaves
Stir-fried anchovy pepper paste
Seasoned Cucumber

All-purpose soy sauce
Speed Jangjorim
Potato and red pepper paste stew
Fish sauce beef bulgogi
Canned grilled fish

Stir-fried Oyster Mushrooms
Beef stew
cold ramen
Kimchi Fried Rice
Perilla Seed Kalguksu

potato pancake
Tofu Kimchi
Seaweed soup
Rice Cooker Chwinamul Rice
Seasoned dried radish

Steamed bean sprouts
Spinach salad
Dak bokkeumtang
Northern soup
stewed oysters
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