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Schizandra berries Asia only!

5 flavors of Schizandra berries
Have a good effect on body.
  • ▶ It contains many nutrition such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and so on, and various kinds of organic acid. Has a strong sour flavor, and effective for fatigue recovery. Especially, it's good to eat after work or in Summer.
  • ▶ Korean Medical encyclopedia says Schizandra berries brighten your mind, and promote kidney work and raise the stamina.
  • ▶ Good for a diet too with only 23 calories per 100g. If you drink it with a tea, it provides water and lacking nutrition at the same time.
  • ▶ For stronger lungs, eat Schizandra berries, which are good for chronic bronchitis like asthma and rhinitis, and cough.
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