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The effect of Green tea!
Catechin and vitamin C of green tea remove active oxygen and prevent obesity and cancer. From old times, tea makes women beautiful, and it also has the impressive effect in beauty treatment for anti-aging. Besides, it activates the function of stomach, and promotes digesting after a meal. Also, antioxidant such as EGCG and polyphenol of green tea prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer. In addition, if you drink green tea consistently, it would be good for heart protection, immunity promotion, preventing diabetes and other diseases.
Many different effects of green tea
*Help to increase mental strength!
*Effective for losing weight if you drink after exercise!
* Absorption rate of Catechin is raised when you drink xylitol with vitamin C.
*Good effect for prevention of influenza and relief of symptoms.
*Prevents food poisoning.
*Removes heavy metal and Endocrine disruptor in body.
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