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About VIP policy

There are two kinds of membership given to those who are using our service. Please see below.

1. Types of membership

1) General member : All members
2) VIP member : Those who buy our goods more than USD 350 a month

2. VIP member

VIP members are the Allkorea members who purchase our products more than USD 350 a month. Once you become a VIP member, you can shop products at our web site with VIP prices (Special discount applied), and the qualification will be kept during a month. We usually change our members to VIPs during the period from 1st to 3rd of every month (But, if the orders are not over USD 350 a month, the VIP member will be changed to a general member again.

* The amounts you pay by points are not included in USD 350 to become a VIP member. (But, the payment for buying points is included.)

* Qualification for maintaining VIP membership: Purchase more than USD 350 every month

*Change date: 1st ~ 3rd of every month

*Caution: The discount prices are applied after login, so please log in before you add the products to the cart.

** We cannot tell you the discounted prices before you become a VIP member since they are all different according to each brand.
Once you become, you can see all discounted prices after logging in.
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