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Customs regulations and invoice value

1. When a customer picks up the ordered products at the customs, the customer sometimes should pay an import fee for the products according to the Domestic Import tax law.
Import tax rate is supposed to be imposed to the importer according to each Nation’s standard tax law.

When a customer makes a purchase from us he/she becomes an importer, and the importer is responsible for importing of the parcel into his/her country borders.
Koreadepart is not responsible for any import customs duties or tax fees.

Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Please contact your local customs office for more information, when the import fee is imposed on the ordered products.

Also, any handling fee or return shipping cost imposed on the returned products should be paid by the importer. Please make note this in advance.

2. Koreadepart does not split orders to help customers avoid paying the import fees. Please place orders separately by dividing them into several orders, value of which would not exceed your domestic import limitation.

3. We cannot replace the actual invoice amount with another lower value price.
Koreadepart will not be responsible for any consequences caused by this manipulation.

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