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Get some points by writing reviews!

Please follow these general directions when you write your product reviews:
1. You may write Reviews only about products, samples, and gifts
purchased/received from Koreadepart.
2. In all the posts and comments it is forbidden to use CAPSLOCK and
misuse (over use) of the punctuation marks (such as: !!!,,,???... ,etc.)
3. It is forbidden to use profanity, curse words, and slang. Also please check literacy.
4. The content of the review should describe your opinion and personal
experience with the product (including: the reasons of the purchase,
product characteristics (texture, smell, color, packaging, etc.), the
effect of the product, pros and cons, recommendations (your opinion), evaluation)
5. Prohibited poor quality photos and someone else’s photos, or photos
that do not relate directly to the subject of the review.

* Koreadepart administration reserves the right to delete, modify, and
use the content of the reviews.
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