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About Coupon

1.Get coupons!

1)The green-colored “C” button means “coupon-available product”.

2)Click the product, and then, you can see “Issue coupon” as below.

3)Click “Issue coupon”. Now, you get a discount coupon for this item!

2.Use coupon!

1)After you issue a coupon first, place a new order by adding to cart.

2)At step 4, you can see all coupons you have, and please click “Coupon Lookup” to use a coupon.

3)Select the coupon that you want to use, and click “OK & CLOSE”.
4)Click “Payment”.

3.Special Notice

1)Coupons are disposable and you cannot use them in succession. (Please reissue)
2)If you already use a coupon when you order, it cannot be restored although you cancel the order. Please note.
3)You can only use the coupon that meets the purchase conditions among the available ones you have.
4)Expired coupons are not valid.
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