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Manufactured date / Expiration date

Korean cosmetics brands print on their products either "manufacture date" or "expiration date".
To understand clearly which date is printed, please refer to the "Korean letters" below:

사용기한: Expiry date / Expiration date / Best before
제조일자: Manufacture date / Production date

For example)

제조 (Manufacture date)

사용기한 (Expiration date)

* 제조 (Manufacture date) is the date when product was manufactured/made in the factory. It doesn't mean that the product is expired. Therefore, you don't need to worry about it.

Here are the general best-before dates by cosmetic category. Please note:

* Use-by date of cosmetics is 3 years after manufactured date before opening.

(Use-by date of perfumes is 5 years.)

* Please refer to the description, as some products vary per items.

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