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How to cancel orders

You can contact us through e-mail or MY Q&A. Please take the following instruction, if you want to make any change in your order information.

1) Paypal (Before shipping)

: Make a new order sheet and let us know that you want to cancel the previous order through MY Q&A. If you already paid for the order, you can be refunded via Paypal immediately.

*Ordered but not paid order sheets are automatically discarded, so you don’t need to contact us to cancel it separately.

2) Credit card (Before shipping)

: Please let us know that you want to cancel the order and get refunded through MY Q&A.

- If you paid via credit card, the transaction can be cancelled immediately. However, period for refund may differ depending on the credit card company.

- Many credit card companies have their terms that they have the right to take few weeks to credit your account with the refunded amount.

- Even if your credit card company already charged to you, you don't have to worry about the refund. Your credit card company deducts it from next card billing amount.

(Or if you have an online account for that credit card, you might see the refunded amount already but it may be still being processed.)

* Caution: You have to pay the balance caused by exchange rate fluctuation if you cancel the payment one day after it.

3) After shipping

: We consider any changes of your order after shipping as exchange and return requests. Shipping cost for return can be added, so please note this in advance.

**Cancellation charge information**

▶ Applicable: Purchased more than USD 100 Or, purchased one product more than 10pcs.

▶ Description:

→ When you cancel your order after paying already, we charge a cancellation charge.

(10% of the amount of the products will be charged)

→ After depositing, request for cancellation of order within 1 hour is acceptable with no charges.

※ No cancellations allowed for purchases more than USD 1000.

(Request for cancellation within 1 hour after depositing is acceptable with no charges.)

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