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How do I have to pay?

Please see below.

1) Credit card

- International card : VISA / MASTER / American Express

Credit cards you can use for payment are VISA / MASTER / JCB / American Express cards.

*If the payment by card is failed, it is automatically cancelled. So, after trying it with another payment method, let us know through MY Q&A or e-mail.

*CVV2 code is the three-digit number written on the back of the general card.

- In the case of AMEX card(American Express Card), it’s written at the top of the front side as a four-digit number.
*Card payment can be taking times (maximum 10 minutes) due to the status of internet connection.

*If this page doesn't make any change after 10 minutes, please close all browsers and proceed with a new order process.

2) Paypal service ( https://www.paypal.com )

- Account :

- Click here for further details about Paypal payment.

* Caution: If the orderer and the payer are different when you pay through Paypal service, the payment cannot be confirmed.

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