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Terms of Service


Registration at our website is FREE, you can become a member of KOREADEPART without any admission fee or membership charges. Everyone can use services of KOREADEPART, whether it is a member or not.

1. Instructions for sign up

By following the instructions below, you can create your free membership of KOREADEPART

  1. Click on "Join" button at the front page
  2. Please read and agree to privacy policy and terms of service.
  3. Enter all required information.
  4. Registration complete.

* In case if you forget your ID or PASSWORD, please contact us through e-mail Allkorea Customer Service Team e-mail address.

2. How to edit personal information

First, you need to log in to edit your information. Then, move to “My Account” page and click “Edit info”. Password, name, phone number, address and zip code can be modified, except your ID. So please note in advance.

3. How to cancel membership

First, you need to log in to cancel your membership. Then, move to "My Account” page. Then, you can proceed to cancellation. Once you cancel your ID, all the membership services of KOREADEPART will not be available.


  • General members: All members registered customers
  • VIP members: Customers who buy our goods more than USD 350 a month

1. General membership

Benefits of having KOREADEPART Membership:

  • Convenient and Easy Access:
    One of the best privileges of Membership it is very easy to place orders every time. Members can easily access they orders, purchasing history, etc. It is much more convenient for a member to track his/her order statuses, make changes, and make personal requests on an order.
  • Points and perks:
    With each purchase a member gets certain amount of points, which a member can use for future purchases as money. In additions events and discount coupons available only for registered customers.
  • Q&A service page:
    In case if you need a proper and quick help, assistance, or you have any requests, questions, and complains or suggestions, you as a member can contact directly to Customer Service via Q&A page on our website.
  • Only members can use Wish List service:
    If you add some products to Wish List, they will not be disappeared when you log out our web site or even turn off the computer. But what you add to Shopping Cart will be disappeared once you log out the site.
  • Request for stock:
    If you need some products to be restocked, add them to Wish List. We will let you know about the product as soon as possible.
  • Get some points by writing a review
    Members can write reviews on products they purchased. Appeal to everyone for how much you like the products, and then you can get a point.

Caution : Product Review section is for customers to express their opinions. However, in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere of our community, we will delete the following reviews without a notice, and we remain the right to cancel all purchasing points you've got.

  • The contents of your reviews will be malicious or inappropriate
  • Insults, indecent words
  • Low evaluation: Short and insincere explanation
  • The contents not related to the products
  • The contents that reveal the decisive parts or detailed information of the products, not considering those who didn’t yet experience them
  • Personal information such as names, phone number, address, e-mail and so on
  • Expressions that force ones to agree with the opinion
  • The contents which are different from the truth
  • The complains caused by the careless action, not confirming the notice of policy or service, already referred to our web site

* In the case that the contents are different, it could be also our company’s mistake. So, please let us know before you write a review
- The copyright of reviews belongs to our company.

* Rumors are created by other customers, and their validity and accuracy are not guaranteed by us.
The good decision is up to you

2. VIP membership

VIP members are KOREADEPART members who make purchases of our products for more than $350 USD per a month. Once you become a VIP member, you can buy products at our web site with VIP prices (Special discount applied), and a VIP status will be kept during a month. We usually upgrade our members to VIPs during the period from 1st day of every following month. But, if a VIP member does not maintain purchasing for over USD 350 a month, the VIP status will be changed to a general member again.

  • Purchases’ amounts paid by points are not included in $350 USD to become a VIP member.
  • Qualification for maintaining VIP membership: Purchase for more than $350 USD every month
  • Update day: 1st day of every following month

Caution: Product Review section is for customers to express their opinions. However, in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere of our community, we will delete the following reviews without a notice:

3. Reseller

  1. Terms of membership :
    • Order from ₩4,000,000 KRW per each brand,
    • Minimum order amount: ₩10,000,000 KRW
    • Minimum order quantity per an item: 1 box
  2. How to order :
    • CUSTOMER: Sends an order
      sheet (excel file)* to our email
      [ email]
    • KOREADEPART: Sends "Quotation" to the customer
    • CUSTOMER: Sends payment (WON, Korean currency) by "BANK TRANSFER" (T/T)
    • KOREADEPART: Receives the payment and starts packaging
    • KOREADEPART: Sends the shipping cost bill to the customer )
    • CUSTOMER: Pays the shipping cost by "BANK TRANSFER" (T/T)
    • KOREADEPART: Receives the shipping cost and ships out the order

    * Order sheet (product list) must contain exact Brand names and full product/item titles including item codes or URL links, product options (color, shade, flavor, etc.), exact quantities (EA and Boxes). Excel format file only.

  3. Currency: WON [Korean currency]
  4. Caution - During packaging, if there would be stock-out products, their cost will be deducted from the shipping fee.
    - No cancellations allowed for Reseller order.
    - Bank (T/T) commission should be paid by customer.
    - Reseller members are unable to get purchasing points.

    > Purchase as a NON-Member Non-registered customers could use general services of our web site, but these users will have limitations in order volume. The maximum order volume for a NON-member is $50 USD


To protect our customers’ private information, we have been always planning some strict safety measures. For more detailed information, please take a look at the following [Privacy Policy].

1. Security

Customer’s privacy and shopping information are encrypted with SSL secret code. So, we cannot see your Credit card number.

2. Minimum requirements for PC

To use our web site, make sure that Window Internet Explorer version is more than 7.0.


  1. Find a desired product by categories or by search engine at our website.
  2. Click on the name or on the image of the product, and add it to the shopping cart (Click [Add to Cart] button).
  3. If you want to buy more than one product, click [Continue shopping] button or close the pop-up window that comes out every time you add something to your Cart.
  4. Check your product list you are willing to purchase in the [Shopping Cart], and click [Order] button if you are ready to place an order.
  5. 2nd Step of placing an order will be [Find you Shipping cost], on the page you have to choose a shipping method you want your order to be delivered: EMS or K-Packet.
  6. The price list of shipping service will be shown to you after you will choose a shipping method and destination country. Referring to this price list you can choose which offered pre-paid amount would be most likely applied to your order
  7. Then click [Next].
  8. 3rd Step is [Shipping Info], where you enter the address to where you want your order to be delivered (Destination info). If a customer and a recipient of the order are different, enter the shipping information of destination address. In other case simply check [Same as the orderer's information] field and the system will fill in the destination info automatically by copying your membership info. Double-check the shipping info and click [Next];
  9. [Payment] is the 4th step, where you are suggested to choose a payment method for overall cost:
    1. a. Direct Credit Card: For those who do NOT HAVE a PAYPAL ACCOUNT
    2. b. PayPal Transfer: For those who HAVE a PAYPAL ACCOUNT
  10. Click [Payment] button, which will redirect you to PayPal integrated system. Choose [Don’t have a PayPal account?] option if you want to pay directly with your Credit Card; Choose [Pay with my PayPal account] option to make a PayPal transfer payment.
  11. After order is complete, order confirmation alert will be automatically sent to your e-mail address.

    *If the e-mail doesn’t arrive in a few minutes, it might be considered as a spam mail. So please check your spam mail folder.

  12. After the order shipped out, the e-mail alert will be sent to customer’s address.

* All goods are shipped after your payment is confirmed.

* We don’t take an order through phone or e-mail. So, please note this in advance.


We use a PayPal integrated system for payments. PayPal offerings worldwide: VISA / MASTER / American Express / Union / Discover / Switch / Solo / Giropay / Electronic cash / PayPal / PayPal online payment system has advanced security to prevent e-commerce frauds, therefore PayPal system is secure and successful online transfer system.

NOTE: As we use PayPal Standard Integrated system, we do not have any access to credit card information of our clients. All credit card information of the income payments are safely encrypted by PayPal Company.

There are two available payment methods at our website:

  • PayPal Transfer: For those who HAVE a PAYPAL ACCOUNT
  • Direct Credit Card: For those who do NOT HAVE a PAYPAL ACCOUNT

[ Direct credit card ]

  • PayPal offerings worldwide: VISA / MASTER / American Express / Union / Discover / Switch / Solo Giropay / Electronic cash / PayPal.
  • * In case of failed Credit Card payment a customer needs to open his/her order sheet and click [Payment] button in the bottom of the page. The button will redirect you to the PayPal system, so you could provide Credit Card payment once again.

How to use Direct Credit Card ▶▶

[ Paypal transfer ]

  • Click [ Payment ] button when you choose a payment method, and then, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal official website to proceed the payment. Choose [Have a Paypal account?], and log in to your account to pay.

How to use Paypal transfer ▶▶

* Caution: If the [User] and the payer are different when you pay through PayPal service, the payment cannot be confirmed.

What is Paypal ▶▶


You can contact us through e-mail or MY Q&A

1. CANCEL order: For PayPal Transfer payment method (Before shipping)

Please contact us through e-mail or MY Q&A to cancel an order. If you already paid, you can be refunded immediately.

* Ordered but not paid order sheets are automatically discarded after 3weeks, so you don’t need to contact us to cancel it separately.

2. CANCEL order: For Credit card payment method (Before shipping)

  • Please let us know that you want to cancel the order and get refunded through MY Q&A.
  • If you paid via credit card, the transaction can be cancelled immediately. However, period for refund may differ depending on the credit card company.
  • Many credit card companies have their terms that they have the right to take few weeks to credit your account with the refunded amount.
  • Even if your credit card company already charged to you, you don't have to worry about the refund. Your credit card company deducts it from next card billing amount. (Or if you have an online account for that credit card, you might see the refunded amount already but it may be still being processed.)

3. After shipping

We consider any changes of your order after shipping as exchange and return requests. Shipping cost for return can be added, so please note this in advance.

▼ For cancellation charge information ( Only for the orders already paid )
Purchased more than USD 100.00 Or, purchased one product more than 10pcs.
  • When you cancel your order after the payment is completed, we charge a cancellation charge. (10% of cancellation fee from the total shopping cost.)
  • After depositing, request for cancellation of order within 1 hour is acceptable with no charges.

No cancellations allowed for purchases more than USD 1000.
(Request for cancellation within 1 hour after depositing is acceptable with no charges.)


1. What are the POINTS?

1 point = 1 dollar.

A Member-customer can pay an order cost by the Points, which he/she accumulated during shopping history. Every KOREADEPART member awarded by a certain amount of points after the actions listed below:

  • For purchases a customer maid (a certain amount of points assign to each our product)
  • For each review a customer leaves at our website regarding our products gets points.
  • For registration at our website a member gets points
Please check your points at [My account] page.

2. Features of Points

A Member-customer can use Points to provide ONLY full payment for an order cost. NO partial payments made by points are allowed.

※ Only if accumulated amount of points is higher than an order cost amount it would be possible to provide the payment with points. In only at this condition a fill-in-box will appear to proceed with [by points] payment (amount of Points > Oder cost).

  • Points valid for period of one year since the last order date. (It is impossible to convert points into monetary equivalent or cash)
  • Non-members cannot buy nor receive points. (So if you want to get points, please join our membership).

3. How to use “points”

When a customer places a new order, a fill-in-box for payment with points will appear at the STEP 4.

※ Only if accumulated amount of points is higher than an order cost amount it would be possible to provide the payment with points. (Points > Oder cost)

  1. Below the field where a customer chooses a payment method, there is field to apply points to the payment.
  2. Please enter the amount of points you want to use, and click [Payment] button.


Coupon events are arranged by the Brand companies themselves. During the events a certain range of products of certain brand can be discounted for limited period of time.

1. How to use

  1. To apply a discount to the event product, a customer should to issue the coupon for that certain product. If a product is in coupon event list, there is [Issue a coupon] sign below product image or in its description below the quantity field [Add cart] button.
  2. It is enough to issue a coupon of certain brand only once because all of the coupon event products are uniformly assigned to one coupon.
  3. Add the chosen product to the cart and proceed order placing.
  4. At the stage of payment, check the field [Using coupon] and if there will be available coupons, similar to [Available coupons: ** EA]. Click [Coupon Lookup] button; and check on the right coupon.

2. Special Notice

  • Coupons are disposable and cannot be applied again. (In this case please reissue a coupon)
  • If you already use a coupon when you order, it cannot be restored although you cancel the order. Please note.
  • Coupon discounts applied only on products assigned to it.
  • Expired coupons are invalid.


We will always do our best to ensure that your product arrives directly to you and in perfect condition. Unfortunately shipping services cannot provide 100% perfect deliveries. Please understand that some uncertainties, mistakes and special circumstances could occur; so we want you to trust us and we will do our best to avoid or resolve them for your best.:

* The side that will be responsible for shipping cost and handling fees for return products vary depending on the situation.

1.Return & Exchange policy

We will always do our best to ensure that your product arrives directly to you and in perfect condition. Unfortunately shipping services cannot provide 100% perfect deliveries. Please understand that some uncertainties, mistakes and special circumstances could occur; so we want you to trust us and we will do our best to avoid or resolve them for your best.

  • A request for refund and exchange should be made within 7 days after the delivery dateIf 7 days already passed, Request can be refused.
    • 1) Customer’s request: Return or exchange is possible if the item’s cost is less than 5% of the
           total order cost. All returning and additional shipping costs should be paid by the customer.
    • 2) On our side:
      • (1) Wrong or Missing Item: Refund and exchange is possible
      • (2) Lost or Damaged item: Refund and exchange possible if the item’s cost is less
             than 5% of the total order cost.
    • 3) Delivery company's fault : Compensated by the delivery company
    • 4) If the recipient doesn't follow the Domestic Import tax law, and the parcel is returned.
      • All returning and additional shipping cost should be paid by the customer
      • The first shipping cost you paid is not refundable (or will be held from the order cost amount if it was a “free shipping” order)
      • If a cancelled order cost is more than USD 100, there will be a 25% cancellation charge.
  • After your order is shipped, some minor deformation or damage of the contents might be caused by the impact of Customs procedures and Delivery process such as Small scratches or package deformation, etc. In this case, the refund or exchange is not available as long as the contents are not usable.
  • NOTE:
    • If your product is defective, we will proceed with the return process after checking the picture and conditions of the product you had received. Please do not send the products until we review your request.
    • The process of refund and replacement of defective products could vary depending on each case, distance and features of each country.
    • To insure yourself and to get proper resolution, please save a shipping box, packing materials and the damaged items for inspection by us.
    • We'll check all items returned as damaged or defective. In if there would be no inconsistencies found, we reserve a right to not refund you and charge you to recover our fees and expenses.

2. Out of stock

Sometimes, during packaging after an order was placed some items may occur to be out of stock or discontinued.

  • Sold out or discontinued items after the order was already placed: The sold-out item’s cost is automatically refunded. (If there is no request from the customer to cancel the whole order, the rest items only will be shipped).
    • The sold-out notice email is automatically sent to the customer's registered e-mail.
      → If you want to cancel the whole order, please contact us via Q&A board or email as soon as possible.
    • You can see the refunded cost and details on your order sheet
    • The refund amount is returned to the balance of the payment method you used to pay. (to PayPal balance or to Credit card balance)

3. To Return

Please contact us through our Q&A page or by e-mail with a “Request for Return Form” before returning anything. After negotiation of the return procedure details, such as refund, charges, and shipping cost responsible side; we will give you instructions how to send back returning products back to us. Please pack the contents carefully to avoid damage.

  • 「Request for Return」 Form
    • * Order number (reported in the order confirmation e-mail) :
    • * Name or ID
    • * Reasons for return:
    • * Customer’s PayPal account to get a refund
  • Products must be resent within 7 days after the Delivery Date, which would be printed on the order packaging slip.
  • All FREE products and FREE gifts that were included to the order must be returned as well
  • Your return will be processed promptly upon arrival. We are unable to process your refund until we receive the product back.
  • Items must be returned in the original condition in which they were delivered to you. Otherwise we reserve a right to refuse in refund.
  • All returns should be mailed to:
    • 72, Hakgam-daero 123beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
      (Zip code : 47049)
    • TEL : +82-70-8885-1490
  • Please follow our policy and use "Registered airmail" to return/exchange any purchased in Koreadepart goods. Otherwise exchange will not be processed.


We want to have trustworthy and friendly relations with our customers. To do so we established a Refund policy that would be proper for both sides:

  • 1) PayPal transfer:
    • Refunds for customers who provided payments via [PayPal Transfer] payment method could be provided instantly.
    • PayPal payment could be refunded as partially [Partial refund] as fully [Payment Cancellation]
    • Partial refunds for “Out of stock” items could be provide instantly after a request from a customer (Note: After monetary refund, the points which were added to your account as a refund will be deducted again)
  • 2) Direct Credit card:
    • Direct Credit card payment could be refunded as partially [Partial refund] as fully [Payment Cancellation]
    • The refunded amount could be refunded to your credit card account instantly if the refund was provided in 1-2 days after the payment. If a refund was made later the refund amount will be deducted from customer’s credit card bill the following month. The pending period for refund return back to the credit card depends on the amount of the refund, the credit card company, and some other factors. It may take up to 30 days to reflect on the credit card statement. (Note: refund pending period could vary depending on circumstances)
  • NOTE:
    • Refund procedure and feature can be changed depending on each case, as we want our policy to be more flexible in favor of our customer.
    • Payments with no evidence of ID and unclaimed payment would not be refunded
    • There are no monetary refunds for payments provided by Points. The points would be returned to you.
    • Almost in all cases a customer can choose between monetary and by points refunds, placing a request at Q&A page or sending an email.