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BB Cream can help you to look natural
skin tone! Experience our big hit BB Cream!
Skin Coverage tips!
Whoever wants to have a great skin coverage, it is a better idea to use both BB and CC. It can make you look cleaner, bringer! The CC Cream has skin care effect, and the BB Cream has coverage. Apply CC first then BB they will make you look even brighter and healthier!
Popular Best BB Cream
BB cream stands for blemish balm cream, which is a cosmetic product that combines foundation, moisturizer and concealer all in one, perfectly suitable for a busy girl’s daily makeup use Korean celebrities adapted this formula and started using BB cream for creating the natural flawless skin look. Now it has become one of the hottest beauty trends in Asia.
BB Cream?
Coverage !
Cover pores, Blemish!
Persistency !
Continually brighter skin tone!
Adhere !
Silky adhere can help softer skin!
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Wish Banila co Prime Primer Fitting BB Cream (SPF37 PA++)
12% OFF 20.35 USD17.91 USD
Wish Banila co Cover10 Real Stay BB Cream (SPF50+ PA++)
5% OFF 23.12 USD21.97 USD
Wish Banila co it Shiny Shimmer BB (SPF38,PA++)
20.35 USD
Wish Banila co Perfect Face Dressed BB (SPF37 PA++)
20.35 USD
Wish Banila co Cover10 Perfect BB (SPF50+ PA+++)
23.12 USD
Wish Banila co Let Me Bebe Naked BB (SPF30 PA++)
13.88 USD
23.12 USD
20.35 USD
40% OFF 20.35 USD12.21 USD
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