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Karatica Transfusion DNA Kit

by Hara99 2018-07-17
[ Brand ] Expired date
May I know the expiry date of this product

Chungjungone Sunchang spicy red pepper paste made of rice 500G **hot taste**

by Mithila 2018-07-16
[ Brand ] Vegan? Vegetarian?
Does this product contain egg, meat or fish? Does it contain meat or fish broth?

Innisfree No sebum x emoji mineral powder

by kitkat1990 2018-07-16
[ Brand ] sold out?
Is this sold out? For restock?

[Beauty Haul] Beauty of Joseon Cream

by MeriTop 2018-07-15
[ Brand ] Expiration date
Hi, I want to know ehen is yhe ecpiration date?

The history of Who Gongjinhyang JinHaeYoon Cushion Sun Balm (SPF50+,PA+++)

by BUINHUNG36 2018-07-15
[ Brand ] when is expired date?
Could you please help me to check when is expired date? Thanks!

NATURE REPUBLIC Pure Shine Vivid Water Tint

by Shasha23 2018-07-14
[ Brand ] expiration date
expiration date?

APIEU For Your Shadow

by ddgirl 2018-07-12
[ Brand ] nice color
this eyeshadow has a very nice color . and color stay longer during day. the darkest color can use as face contour. love it !

LANEIGE BB Cushion [Whitening] (SPF50+ PA+++)

by nismahthalib 2018-07-11
[ Brand ] Refill
Can I buy the refill only?

Innisfree Glow Tint Lip balm

by Seri_lee 2018-07-10
[ Brand ] long lasting 
this lip balm is last long for how many hours? thanks
Thank you for your inquiry.
As it's tint lip balm, the color will be stained on your lips naturally so it will last longer than other lip balm
but since there's a difference between individuals for the effect or efficacy, please understand that it's hard to say how many hours it will last on your lips.

CLIO Kill Cover Conceal Cushion Special Set

by Seri_lee 2018-07-10
[ Brand ] bright skin 
which color is for bright skin ?
Thank you for your inquiry.

02 Lingerie and 03 Linen colors are for bright skin.

Please refer to the color description :

02 Lingerie : Rose beige color for No.21 skin tone
03 Linen : Yellow tone natural beige for No.21 skin tone with redness
04 Ginger : Medium beige color for No.23 skin tone.

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