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Missha Near Skin Real Essential Oil (Jojoba Oil)

by bbbb 2014-03-01
[ Brand ] restock? 
When will this restock? I really want to try it.
Hello! Sorry but thi production of this item has been stopped. A new manufacturing is not sheduled. Thank you!

Innisfree special care mask (eye,lip) 10ml * 3P

by yunohno2000 2014-02-28
[ Brand ] Innisfree Special Care mask - foot 
Could you add item Innisfree Special Care mask - foot would like to buy this mask.
Hello! The "Foot" mask will be updated within 1 week as well. Hopefully, it will be also available at Koreadepart soon. Enjoy your shopping!

Missha Skin Tightening Auto Massager

by Maise 2014-02-25
[ Brand ] Restock 
When will this product be restock?:)
Have been waiting for so long
Hello. Sorry, but the item is out of stock and a new supply has not been scheduled yet. Enjoy your shopping!

Innisfree Super Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X

by SueKhee 2014-02-25
[ Brand ] innisfree clay mask 
It's suitable apply on sensitive skin ?? Thanks .
Hello! Basically this item can be used for all skin type. However, if you have a "very sensitive skin", we recommend you to avoid using an all-skin-type product, but to use a mask product that is only for "sensitive skin". Enjoy your shopping.

IOPE Air cushion Sun block XP (SPF50+/PA+++)

by Rosie9418 2014-02-24
[ Brand ] Restock 
Plese restock shimmer or any other soon !!
Hello. Recently this item has been so popular and a new supply will come after about 2 weeks. Sorry, but please wait more time. Hopefully, it will be restocked as soon as possible! Enjoy your shopping!

AMOREPACIFIC Ryoe Cheonga Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo

by Rosie9418 2014-02-24
[ Brand ] Shampoo 
Hello ! Is this shampoo more suitable for dry or oily hair ? Thank you.
This product is for oily hair, also has anti-dandruff, soothing scalp trouble, sebum care, deep cleansing features.

Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion (SPF50+,PA+++)

by Ivy Qu 2014-02-19
[ Brand ] detail 
its just a BB core or its has case with core?
This is a BB cream, its package is similar to a compact powder.
This BB cream also has features of cushion foundation:

IOPE Perfection Mascara

by Louie 2014-02-17
[ Brand ] IOPE perfection mascara 
Is it waterproof?
Hello! Yes, this product has the transparent film veil which covers eye lashes to minimize flakes and it won’t get removed by sweat and sebum easily. Enjoy your shopping!

Innisfree the green tea seed cream Mini size(5ml×3EA)

by cin82 2014-02-17
[ Brand ] Confused 
Just a little confused, if i order the above product will I be getting the green tea or the olive lotion??
Hello. Sorry for the confusion. We just edited the wrong image on the item page. If you order this item, "Innisfree the green tea seed cream Mini size" will be shipped. Enjoy your shipping!

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

by HelloSanna 2014-02-17
[ Brand ] on lips? 
Can I use black sugar mask on my lips like a scrub?
Hello! In general it is not a good idea to use scrub kinds product to eye and lip area. And, the product description also says that you apply it around face while avoiding the eye line and lips. Enjoy your shopping!

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