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Holika Holika Hello Holika

by pinkulo 2014-03-29
[ Brand ] Which one is which one? 
Can you please indicate the color with picture please? I am not too sure which one is which one? I would like to get the multicolor one that has the blue, green, white...etc. thanks!
Hello! Sorry, we just add the pictures of each color option. Enjoy your shopping!

Innisfree Smart Foundation Super Moisture (SPF30・PA++)

by yeaeunx3 2014-03-29
[ Brand ]
is this foundation very pink toned?
The foundation has beige tones as it is in the description (maybe the real tones are slightly lighter than on the picture)

It's skin POWER 10 FORMULA(Syn-ake)

by Krock 2014-03-29
[ Brand ] About the SHIPPING and fee will charged 
Hi, im come from Vietnam and i wondering about the shipping will you ship to Vietnam?
And how much the fee will charged?
Sorry, but Brand Q&A service is for consultations regarding Brands or cosmetics products only. You can take a look at our Shipping guide page , or you can make an inquiry through our Q&A board or email. Thank you!

NATURE REPUBLIC Super Aqua Max Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack

by aoaoi00 2014-03-28
[ Brand ] how long 
how many times to use per week?
Hello! Usually it is good to use a sleeping pack product 1 - 3 times a week. However, there might be a difference between individuals. Enjoy your shopping!

su:m37˚ Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

by ec2508 2014-03-28
[ Brand ] Restock 
Hi there, are more stock coming soon?
This item will be replenished next week.

Innisfree Eco Science White C Double Serum

by bbbb 2014-03-28
[ Brand ] Ingridients? 
what is the ingridients?
tangerine peel extract (20%), arbutin, ascorbyl glucoside (4%), niacinamide, winter cherry extract, extract of Indian gooseberry, loquat extract, camellia, palm, cactus extract, beta-glucan, squalane, etc.

NATURE REPUBLIC Argan Essencial Deep Care Hair Pack

by bbbb 2014-03-28
[ Brand ] ingridients? 
What is the ingridients?
argan oil, lactic acid, extract of bergamot, lavender extract, extract of mint leaves, freesia leaf extract, chamomile extract, rosemary leaf extract, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, etc.

ETUDE HOUSE Collagen Moistfull Flower Cream

by Cappu 2014-03-27
[ Brand ] Restock? 
When will this item restock???
Hello. This item is available now for purchase. Enjoy your shopping!

Nature republic Hand and Nature Hand Cream

by tikah 2014-03-26
[ Brand ] handcream 
rose butter not available?
For this item only 9 options available presented in the description.

NATURE REPUBLIC By Flower Tint Lip Barm

by tikah 2014-03-25
[ Brand ] lip balm 
can i choose, for example peach for luhan's picture in the lip balm?
Hello! Sorry, but 1 random picture is inside the lip balm. So, it cannot be chosen. Thank you!

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