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Do you need scalp care?


Face skin can be recovered with therapy or surgical procedures, but scalp
cannot be recovered once it is damaged. The best care is "prevention".
Scalp is the basis of hair & the part connected with face skin. If scalp is not healthy, it has a bad influence on heir root & causes dandruff,
hair loss and so on. Even it causes influences on face complexion.
That's why scalp care is so important.
Oily scalp
• 3-4 hours After shampoo, your scalp is oily when you touch it with your finger.
• Your scalp has a smell.
• Sometimes, there are pimples on your scalp, and itching.
Dry scalp
•When you brush your hair, some white dead skin cells such as dandruff fall off.
•Hair is getting thinner and has too many split ends.
•Even 6 hours after shampoo, you cannot feel any oily on your scalp.
Sensitive scalp
•You can see redness on your scalp, and it has a fever.
•When you press your scalp, you feel hurt
•Your scalp are cracked, and sometimes, it bleeds
  • •When you use a shampoo, massage your scalp soft and carefully, and wash it off very lightly
  • •When you brush your hair, the brush should be made of stainless or wood, and it should reach to your scalp enough and brush your hair from up to down or down to up! Down-to-up side is good for blood circulation.
  • •Head spa self-care with scalp pack! Apply a pack to your scalp and hair enough and massage it for 3-5 minutes, and wear a shower cap. Wait for 10 minutes, and wash it off. It's also good as a rinse!
  • •You can use it to the part on your hair and tap it with your fingers.
  • •Deep cleansing with Scalp shampoo once a week! Before shampoo, apply a scaling product on your dry scalp, and massage it for 5- 10 minutes and wash it off.
  • •Lower a fever on your scalp with the scalp massager which has cooling effect! When you do shampoo, use warm water and avoid using hair dryer.
  • •As for scalp troubles, before going to sleep, use a shampoo for oily scalp and wash it off.
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