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About VIP and Wholesale policy

There are three kinds of membership given to those who are using our service. Please see below.

1. Types of membership

1) General member : All members
2) VIP member : Those who buy our goods more than USD 350 a month
3) Wholesale member : Those who buy our goods more than USD 1000 a month

2. VIP member

VIP members are the Allkorea members who purchase our products more than USD 350 a month. Once you become a VIP member, you can shop products at our web site with VIP prices (Special discount applied), and the qualification will be kept during a month. We usually change our members to VIPs during the period from 1st to 3rd of every month (But, if the orders are not over USD 350 a month, the VIP member will be changed to a general member again.

* The amounts you pay by points are not included in USD 350 to become a VIP member. (But, the payment for buying points is included.)

* Qualification for maintaining VIP membership: Purchase more than USD 350 every month

*Change date: 1st ~ 3rd of every month

*Caution: The discount prices are applied after login, so please log in before you add the products to the cart.

3. Wholesale member

Once you join our wholesale membership, you will be offered wholesale prices for orders over $200

* Minimum order amount per one order (Wholesaler) : USD 200

1) How to apply : Two options

(1)1st Option : Pay the Wholesale membership fee.

①Create a new user ID.
②Providing your business license information when you register your ID
③Pay for $200 (A Wholesale membership fee) via Paypal.

Please send the fee to our Paypal account. ( Our account : koreadepart@gmail.com)
Once your payment is confirmed, your ID is revised to be a Wholesale member.

(2)2nd Option : Automatically qualified after reviewing your order volume.

①Create a new user ID.
②Providing your business license information when you register your ID.
③If you ordered more than $1000 a month with your general ID,
your ID will be automatically revised to be a wholesale member once you re-login

2)Maintaining your membership.

The amount of your last month’s order should be over $1000.
•If you don’t meet this requirement, your ID will be automatically changed to a general member.
•In case that you already paid the wholesale membership fee and then losing your qualification, you should pay $200 again to rejoin the wholesale membership.

3)Caution for Wholesale Members

(1)Although you already have a general user ID, you should create a new ID for wholesale membership.
(2)Wholesale members are unable to get purchasing points.
(3)Wholesale members are unable to buy products by points that you earned from your general ID.
(4)Wholesale members are excluded from all events, such as coupon and time discount events.

** We cannot tell you the discounted prices before you become a VIP or Wholesale member since they are all different according to each brand.
Once you become, you can see all discounted prices after logging in.
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