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The brand story of Forencos

Forencos is the cosmetic brand that is used by the heroine
"Cheon Song Yi" played by [Jeon Ji Hyeon] in the popular
Korean TV drama, [My love from the star]. Forencos is the
cosmetics for Nature and environment, and it has been gaining
popularity since Korean celebrities use this cosmetic brand.
The brand has various high-quality products from skincare to
makeup. Try Forencos’ products used by Cheon Song Yi
(Jeon Ji Hyeon) and enjoy watching the Korean popular
drama [My love from the star].

“My Love form the Star” sponsored by FORENCOS.
Lipstick used by Cheon Song Yi in popular colors
And also eyeliners and eye shadow
Be as beautiful as Cheon Song Yi
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Wish forencos Inhale Air Color Base
20.95 USD
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Wish Forencos 7 Days Mask
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