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Miseenscene Perfect Serum Shampoo 680ml

by Piekid 2017-07-04
[ Brand ] Thank You!! 
Wow! I have just requested this only few days ago and now KD brings it! Thank you so so much for a very good service! I've been finding this shampoo like ages.
You're welcome.
If you have any suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

Labelyoung Shocking Cream Season3

by zoi1978 2017-07-04
[ Brand ] Hi 
May i know the expiration date please?
Thank you
Thank you for your inquiry.
The expiration date is 1st mar 2018.

LANEIGE Essencial Balancing Emulsion Sensitive (For Sensitive)

by Doanmp 2017-07-04
[ Brand ] adding item to cart 
I was emailed that the LANEIGE Fresh Calming Morning Mask was not allowed on air mail because of the pressurized gas so I was wondering if I could add the LANEIGE essencial balancing emulsion sensitive (for sensitive) instead since I already paid for shipping. For order 1706240636
your order has been already re-shipped.
Here is the new Tracking number: EG207245913KR

Dr.Jart+ Pore Medic Bubble Foam

by Peluca 2017-07-04
[ Brand ] Re stock 
Please re stock this product soon,
Sorry but unfortunately a new supply the brand has not been scheduled yet, which means the replenishment time will takes longer.
Please add the item to your WishList and you will be notified when it will be available again

TONY MOLY Atom Luminous Goddess Aura Angel Glowring CC Cushion (SPF50+PA++)

by mummyrei 2017-07-04
[ Brand ] Expiry date? 
May I have the expiry date?
If manufacturing date is given, please let me know the time we can keep this.
Thank you for your inquiry.
It is manufactured on Sep 2015.
It can be used for 24 months from the manufacturing date.

DANAHAN Yellow Soil Cleansing Cream

by zoi1978 2017-07-03
[ Brand ] Ingredients 
Does the available list contain the full ingredients of the cream? Thank you
Thank you for your inquiry.
The Full Ingredients List is available in Korean only:

정제수, 미네랄오일, 디프로필렌글라이콜, 세틸에칠헨사노에이트, 비즈왁스, 세틸알코올, 폴리소르베이트60, 글리세린, 소르비탄스테아레이트, 황토, 쑥추출물, 스테아일알코올, 홍삼추출물, 카보머, 디메치콘, 부틸렌글라이콜, 선인장추출물, 올리브추출물, 하이드롤라이즈드콜라겐, 콩스테롤, 소듐하이드록사이드, 산뽕나무뿌리추출물, 비에이치티, 하이드로제네이티드레시틴, 프로필렌글라이콜, 페닐트리메치콘, 레시틴, 트리세테아레스-4포스페이트, 하수오추출물, 일당귀추출물, 은행잎추출물, 클로브꽃추출물, 천궁추출물, 구기자추출물, 황기추출물, 회향추출물, 마늘추출물, 마치현추출물, 가시오갈피뿌리추출물, 갈근추출물, 감국추출물, 고삼추출물, 구기자추출물, 명일엽잎/줄기추출물, 모란추출물, 녹두추출물, 대추추출물, 밤껍질추출물, 백급추출물, 복령추출물, 블랙베리추출물, 상백피추출물, 영지줄기추출물, 애엽추출물, 어성초추출물, 메칠파라벤, 프로필파라벤, 부틸파라벤, 이소부틸파라벤, 페녹시에탄올, 향료

Secret Key Face Coating Angel Cushion (SPF50+ PA+++)

by mummyrei 2017-07-03
[ Brand ] Expiry date? 
May I have the expiry date?
Thank you for your inquiry.
The expiration date is Feb 2018.

FLOR de MAN Hydrose Deluxe Toner

by zoi1978 2017-07-02
[ Brand ] Ingredients 
Do you have full ingredients list please? Thank you
Thank you for your inquiry.
The Full Ingredients List is available in Korean only:

서양장미꽃수, 글리세린, 부틸렌글라이콜, 피피지-26-부테스-26, 바이오사카라이드검-1, 피이지-40하이드로제네이티드캐스터오일, 정제수, 에칠헥실글리세린, 카보머, 디소듐이디티에이, 트로메타민, 아데노신, 소듐하이알루로네이트, 프로폴리스추출물, 꿀추출물, 카프릴릴글라이콜, 페녹시에탄올, 향료

Miseenscene perfect serum rinse 680ml

by Piekid 2017-07-02
[ Brand ] Perfect serum shampoo 
Can you bring Pefect Serum Shampoo of this ?? I can't find its shampoo here of this version
Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider adding the Perfect serum shampoo to our site.
* Although we have to note, if the supply of the brand has some difficulties, so supplies are uncertain.
Please note in advance.

Secret Key Snow White Miky Lotion

by HelloHelloMy 2017-07-02
[ Brand ] safe on secret area? 
can use it on secret area?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It can be used on the entire body such as face, breasts, arms, armpit, legs and knees.
If you have sensitive skin, please try it out on a small area first.

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