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Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack

by eenaxina 2017-09-03
[ Brand ] Expiry 
When is the expiry please?
Thank you for your inquiry.
The expiration date is Mar 3rd 2018.

[FFEFF] Mistok Classic Stripe Canvas Slip On (52028)

by Karma 2017-09-03
[ Brand ] Insole 
Hi, is the insole soft?
Thank you for your inquiry.
The insole has sponge pad inside for comfortable wearing feeling.

BBIA Last Water Eyeliner

by MeriTop 2017-09-03
[ Brand ] Expiry 
Expiration date
Expiry date is until October 7th of 2017

Medi-Peel Protein Orange Peel

by pedo 2017-09-03
[ Brand ] chemical peels 
which of your peels is good for discoloration, dark spots, sun damage/melasma ???
do you have an english explanation of the treatments because in youtube all the videos are in Korean
Thank you for your inquiry.
Medi-Peel Protein Green Peel has been renewed to Medi-Peel Green Peel (Whitening therapy)

Unfortunately Medi-Peel does not provide English description, please refer to the English product description on our website.

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Elizavecca Milky Piggy Real White Time Milk Cream

by Hazelitz 2017-09-03
[ Brand ] inquiry 
hi may i ask what are the full ingredients list? thank you
The full ingredients list available in Korean only:
정제수, 프로필렌글라이콜, 글리세린, 부틸렌글라이콜, 사이클로펜타실록산,사이클로핵사실록산, 소듐하이알루로네이트, 나이아신아마이드, 티타늄디옥사이드, 황금추출물, 모란뿌리추출물, 쉐어버터, 하이드롤라이즈드콜라겐, 암모늄아크릴로일디메칠타우레이트/브이피코 폴리머 폴리아크릴아마이드, C13-14이소파라핀, 라우레스-7, 소듐아크릴레이트/소듐아크릴로일디메칠타우레이트코폴리머신양유, 이소핵사데칸, 폴리소르베이트80, 소듐콘드로이틴설페이트, 스쿠알란, 토코페릴아세테이트, 알란토인, 아보카도오일, 병풀추출물, 향료, 디포타슘글리시리제이트, 락토바실러스/콩발효추출물, 하이트윌로우껍질추출물, 오레가노잎추출물, 마치현추출물, 편백나무잎추출물, 육계추출물, 알로에베라잎가루, 아스코빅애씨드

Holika Holika LAZY&EASY All-in-One Master

by mummyrei 2017-09-02
[ Brand ] Toner? 
Is this a toner, essence or moisturizer?
Do I still need to apply anything after using this?
Expiry date?
As this is a 3in1 skin care product: Skin + emulsion + essence, the only thing you will have to apply is a cream (and eye cream).
Expiry dates is until November 5th 2018

Holika Holika LAZY&EASY Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB (SPF50+ PA+++) (gudetama edition)

by mummyrei 2017-09-02
[ Brand ] Expiry date? 
May I have the expiry date?
Expiry dates are until: June~August of 2018 (each color option has its own expiry date)

Milkydress The Secret Essence

by SOKLA 2017-09-01
[ Brand ] Expired date 
What is the expired date?
Expiry date is until November 9th, 2017


by Lil_Baron 2017-09-01
[ Brand ] Coloured hair 
Can this be used on colour-treated hair? Would it alter the dye colour or strip the dye?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It can be used for dyed hair.

benefit The Porefessional

by TranAnh 2017-09-01
[ Brand ] Mini-size - benefit the Porefessional 
Do you have mini-size of this product - porefessional?
Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider adding the benefit The Porefessional mini to our site.
* Although we have to note, if the supply of the brand has some difficulties, so supplies are uncertain.
Please note in advance.

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