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IOPE Water Fit Lipstick (No.44)

by Naad 2014-04-24
[ Brand ] Restockkkk 
when is it going to restock??? (:
This item comes in small quantities in every supply, as it so popular so it gets constantly sold out.
Therefore it is uncertain when the lipstick will be available at our website again.
You have to check on it all the time, and don't miss it.

IOPE Air cushion Sun block XP (SPF50+/PA+++)

by shishi521 2014-04-22
[ Brand ] regrading restock~ 
it had been out of stock for so long~ can i know when will it available again?
This item will be in-stock within one week.

Elizavecca Green piggy Collagen Jella Pack

by shishi521 2014-04-22
[ Brand ] restockkk!!! 
please restock asap~ please~~
Unfortunately the supply of this item was scheduled on May but it is still uncertain when exactly.
The item is very popular so the supplies are in shortage.
Please add it to your WISHLIST and you will get notified when it will be available again.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin

by eiko90 2014-04-22
[ Brand ] green tea balancing skin 
this toner doesn't contain alcohol right ?
The ingredients list:
Green tea extract (86.9%), Propanediol, glyceryl-26, hydrogenated poly-isobutene , Butylene Glycol, Betaine, Camellia leaf extract, nanchu extract, Orange peel extract, Baeknyeoncho fruit extract, Grapefruit extract, Orange extract, Lynn tanje extract, Bergamot fruit extract, Ethyl hexyl glycerin, glyceryl Caprylate, Glycerin, Behenyl alcohol, ammonium acrylate methyl taurate/ V pico polymer, Carbomer, Tromethamine, disodiumEDTA, Spices

Holika Holika Pro Beauty Cheek Tok

by Shang 2014-04-21
[ Brand ] Stock 
in here said its discontinues, Do you guy get the stock later or it's no more
Hello. A new supply of this item has not been scheduled yet. Please add this item to your WISHLIST so that you can receive a restock notification email when it is restocked. Thank you!

Su:m37˚ Water-full Deep Hydrating Gel Mask (6P)

by homedust 2014-04-21
[ Brand ] Price hike or mispriced? 
I purchased this item in February for around $48 which less than two months why is there such a significant price increase? Is it mispriced?
Hello. As for the price, Cusmetis are kinds of trend products and its prices always can change according to brand regulations and international exchange rates. Please understand regarding this issue. Thank you!

Holika Holika Healing Nails Base&Top Coat

by cyl90089 2014-04-20
[ Brand ] is the top coat blue in color? 
is the top coat blue in color?
the Top coat is transparent when you apply it on your basic nail polish.
▶ How to use
1. Apply base coat once onto clean nails.
2. Apply desired color of nail polish. (Re-apply twice for more vivid color.)
3. Apply еру Top coat to create thick and glittering finish of nail polish.

[Bongjashop] Love Clinic (Lace Flare T shirt)

by Rosie9418 2014-04-20
[ Brand ] SiZE 
Hello ^^ I wanted to buy shirt but when I selected color I couldn't find size ! Could you please make size selecting available ? Thank you
Hello. Sorry, but this item has a free size, and has no size selection. Please refer to SIZE detail before you purchase. Thank you!

Holika Holika Enamel Magic Melomovie Gel Eyeline

by Khoakhoa 2014-04-18
[ Brand ] Restock 
Please restock this items
Hello. This item has been discontinued. The production of this item has stopped by the brand. Thank you.

Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover (SPF33・PA+++)

by eiko90 2014-04-17
[ Brand ] innisfree smart foundation perfect cover 
is the innisfree smart foundation perfect cover is fine for combination skin type too ?
Yes, this product should suit combination skin type as well.

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