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Innisfree Eco Science White C Double Serum

by bbbb 2014-03-28
[ Brand ] Ingridients? 
what is the ingridients?
tangerine peel extract (20%), arbutin, ascorbyl glucoside (4%), niacinamide, winter cherry extract, extract of Indian gooseberry, loquat extract, camellia, palm, cactus extract, beta-glucan, squalane, etc.

NATURE REPUBLIC Argan Essencial Deep Care Hair Pack

by bbbb 2014-03-28
[ Brand ] ingridients? 
What is the ingridients?
argan oil, lactic acid, extract of bergamot, lavender extract, extract of mint leaves, freesia leaf extract, chamomile extract, rosemary leaf extract, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, etc.

ETUDE HOUSE Collagen Moistfull Flower Cream

by Cappu 2014-03-27
[ Brand ] Restock? 
When will this item restock???
Hello. This item is available now for purchase. Enjoy your shopping!

Nature republic Hand and Nature Hand Cream

by tikah 2014-03-26
[ Brand ] handcream 
rose butter not available?
For this item only 9 options available presented in the description.

NATURE REPUBLIC By Flower Tint Lip Barm

by tikah 2014-03-25
[ Brand ] lip balm 
can i choose, for example peach for luhan's picture in the lip balm?
Hello! Sorry, but 1 random picture is inside the lip balm. So, it cannot be chosen. Thank you!

Nature republic Hand and Nature Hand Cream Set

by tikah 2014-03-25
[ Brand ] gifts 
the gift is one random photocard and 2 standees? and can i choose the types that i want?
Sorry, the hand cream set is also random, among 18 types of cream.

NATURE REPUBLIC By Flower Tint Lip Barm

by tikah 2014-03-25
[ Brand ] the members 
can we choose the members' choice of lip balm and the photocard?
You can choose a lip balm type, but the photo cards are random. If you will make a request to choose a particular photo after you place your order we could try to give you the one you want.

Nature republic Hand and Nature Hand Cream Set

by tikah 2014-03-25
[ Brand ] exo handcream 
no photocard or standee included? only the picture at the back of the box?
Yes, this item doesn't have a gift with it.
If you want a photo card and a mini stand you can buy this item: Nature republic Hand and Nature Hand Cream Set (+GIFT) (

ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream (SPF50+,PA+++)

by Heven12 2014-03-24
[ Brand ] Sun BB Cream SPF 50 : W13 natural beige color 
i really need this item. when will this item available in stock?
Hello! This item was discontinued, and a new manufacturing plan has not been scheduled yet. Thank you!

HERA UV Mist Cushion (SPF50+,PA+++)

by kitckissy 2014-03-24
[ Brand ] C21 Restock 
Hello, when will you restock the C21 color? Thanks!
Hello! We are sorry to inform you that it will not be restock soon due to supplier. Please add this item to your WISHLIST, and then you will receive the restock notification when it is restocked. Thank you!

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